Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

How the Bambach can help with work related upper limb disorder

Work related upper limb disorder

When sitting on the Bambach Saddle Seat

  • The hips are at an angle of 45-degree flexion in external rotation and abduction. This allows the pelvis to be positioned in its neutral upright position.
  • By providing a secure neutral pelvic position the natural lumbar-pelvic rhythm will in turn ensure that the spine is positioned in its neutral upright 'S' shaped position.
  • With the pelvis and spine in their natural, neutral position the shoulder girdle is retracted in its natural position and the neck, head and upper limbs can act in a balanced and efficient way. Conventional seating will result in the pelvis rocking backwards into posterior tilt, causing the spine to change from a natural 'S' shape to a 'C' and the shoulder girdle to protract and roll forward and chin jut out.
  • The upper limbs can be maintained in a mid range position which is beneficial in reducing static load and maintaining muscle length and normal tone.
  • The shoulders and arms are relaxed and the hands do not have to act at or near the end range of movement which enables more accuracy and power and minimal fatigue.
  • A clear midline assists maintenance of balance and symmetry. This assists in activating the muscles of postural control in a balanced way which allows the development of a symmetrical posture.
  • Improved posture will lead to improved head control which means that eyesight is maximized and hand-eye co-ordination is facilitated.
  • The Bambach allows close access to work surfaces and work tasks.
  • Swivel action of the Bambach reduces the rotational forces on the cervical spine which can lead to degeneration of the vertebrae, neck pain and headaches.
  • Thoracic, abdominal and pelvic spaces are maximized resulting in improved lung and internal organ function and circulation.

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