Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Setting up your Bambach

Unpacking your new Bambach Saddle Seat

Your Bambach Saddle Seat will arrive pre-assembled, so all you’ve got to do is remove it carefully from its box, and it is ready to adjust and use.

If you’ve ordered a backrest, it will need to be slotted into the housing at the back of the seat cradle. Fixing it in place is easy. Simply place the long rod on the back of the backrest, into the housing at the back of the seat cradle. Lower the backrest and tighten the round knob on the right hand side of the seat until it is hand-tight.


Adjusting a Bambach Saddle Seat

Step1: Adjust the height of your seat

Sit on the seat and use the lever (Lever A) on the right-hand side of the seat to raise or lower the height of the seat until your thighs are pointing down at about 45° (just like riding a horse).

Step2: Adjust the tilt of your seat

Whilst still sitting on the seat, hold the front of the seat with your left hand and pull the other lever (Lever B) fully up to release the tilt mechanism. Starting with the seat flat, slowly tilt either backwards or forwards until you feel most comfortable. If you feel pressure on your pubic area, tilt the seat BACK. If you feel pressure on your tailbone, tilt the seat FORWARD and when you have found the correct position, release the lever to lock the seat in position.

Step3: Adjusting the height of the back rest (if present)

If you have chosen a Bambach Saddle Seat with a backrest, now is the time to adjust it. Sit on the seat and loosen the round knob on the right-hand side of the seat, you will then be able to raise or lower the back rest until it feels most comfortable for you. To keep the backrest at your chosen height simply tighten the knob, being careful not to over-tighten.

Step4: Adjusting the tilt of the back rest (if present)

On the left-hand side of the seat is the tilt adjust lever (Lever C). Lift this lever up and then tilt the backrest backwards or forwards until it feels most comfortable for you. To lock the backrest in this position, simply depress the lever. DO NOT bring the backrest so far forward that it pushes you forward.

Getting used to your new Bambach Saddle Seat

When you first sit on The Bambach Saddle Seat, you may find it takes several days of actual use and adjustment of the height and tilt, before you find the right combination to fully suit your personal needs and working style. You may also find that it takes several days before you feel more comfortable on the Saddle Seat compared to your ‘old’ seat. This is because The Bambach Saddle Seat holds your body in the correct postural position whilst sitting, rather than the ‘bad’ posture that your body has grown accustomed to.

If you do experience some discomfort in the early days of use, take breaks from your seat occasionally, stand-up slightly or move away briefly.

How to prove that the Bambach Saddle Seat really works

First, stand upright and put the back of your hand just above your beltline on your back. You will feel that it’s concave. This is the natural ‘S’ shape of the lumbar curve.

Now try sitting on your correctly adjusted Bambach. It’s important to sit naturally, and not force yourself into any particular position. You’ll find that the concave curve you had when you were standing is still there and that you aren’t slouching and can’t slouch.

Then try the same test after 10 minutes of sitting on the Bambach. The same curve will still be there, proving that the unique shape of the seat is supporting the pelvis in its neutral position, which in turn supports the spine in its natural S-shape.

The result is that you don’t slouch.

If you try the same test with a standard seat, you’ll find that you will be able to force yourself to sit upright for a while, but as soon as your postural muscles tire, your upper body will collapse into a slouch. Try it.

On a normal seat put the back of your hand on your belt line, and feel how the position of the spine has changed from a concave curve in your back to a flat, or convex, curve. What that’s doing is putting significant extra pressure on the discs, and compressing your organs. This happens even on so-called saddle seats with no shape. This is because they do not support the pelvis, so the postural muscles will eventually tire. When they do, the same thing happens - the upper body collapses and you slouch.

So, that simple test proves that the Bambach Saddle Seat is the one sure way of eliminating the slouch from your life. If you keep on slouching you could be doing your body irreparable harm. Slouching isn’t good for you and it’s not pretty either! Ban the Slouch, and feel better all round.