Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

An Indispensible Tool for Dentists

Almost 30% of dentists forced to retire early‚ do so because of back pain

A Bambach Saddle Seat can prevent you from becoming another statistic.

If you’re pain-free when you work, you can concentrate on better dentistry for your patients. So why put up with back pain, headaches, hand and arm pain, when you can sit comfortably on the Bambach Saddle Seat?

Almost 30% of dentists forced to retire early do so because of back pain, and at some stage in their career, 80% of dentists suffer from headaches, and hand, arm, neck, back and shoulder pains, resulting from poor posture when working.12 Yet the Bambach Saddle Seat is a scientifically designed and proven solution, that helps your pelvis attain its preferred neutral position, so your spine naturally maintains its stress-free ‘S’ shape, resulting in pain-free sitting, ease of movement around your patient, and enhanced fine movement control of your hands and fingers. No-one should suffer in your surgery – least of all you!

Slouching on a dental seat and sitting correctly on a Bambach

Conventional seating collapses your spine into an 
unnatural ‘C’ shaped curve, and compresses your internal organs.

The Bambach Saddle Seat allows your spine to stay effortlessly, comfortably ‘S’ shaped, promoting good health throughout your body.

It takes a genuine Bambach to give you genuine support!

Your skeleton is in its least stressed position when you are lying down and the next position of least stress is when you are standing.13 When you’re sitting, or leaning across your knees to work, your skeleton is highly stressed. Sitting and leaning forward has the added disadvantage of causing your internal organs to be compressed into a smaller volume than when standing, potentially resulting in a wide range of problems.

Extensive research by Bambach revealed that the key to good posture while seated to work, is to hold the pelvis in the same position as when you’re standing, thereby minimising the stress on the spine, from the lumbar region, to the neck, and shoulders.14 Good posture also ensures that your internal organs are in a state that contributes to over all good health. The research resulted in the world wide patented design for the Bambach Saddle Seat, with its unique contours that hold the pelvis in an ideal position.

The research drew attention to the fact that, although we are all generally alike, each person has a unique pelvic angle, so that one size does not fit all. To accommodate this, the Bambach is available in a range of sizes, and has a wide range of adjustability so that you can make it your own unique seat.

Each Bambach is guaranteed for 5 years and comes with an unrivalled range of spares, accessories and after sales support. Treat yourself before you treat your patients and try the bambach in your surgery, free for a month. Call us on 020 8532 5100, or complete our online order form.

Don’t be fooled by look-alike copies, it’s not worth the risk to your health!

The Bambach Saddle Seat:

  • Is extremely comfortable
  • Naturally maintains the spine’s stress-free ‘S’ shape
  • Maintains optimal spinal function
  • Prevents slouching and problems caused by poor posture
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain and related headaches
  • Facilitates fine motor movements of hands and fingers
  • Promotes good circulation
  • Peer reviewed research from Universities worldwide
  • Clinically proven, rigorously tested
  • Each seat is custom made to fit you
  • Available in 3 robust finishes and over 30 colours
  • Can be upholstered to match your patients’ chair
  • Unparalleled range of aftermarket options and support
  • 30 day trial. Click here to try a Bambach