Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

The many benefits of sitting in the Bambach Saddle Seat at home or at work...

The Bambach is the only seat scientifically proven to help you sit comfortably, naturally, upright and stable, relieving and preventing posture related problems!

Sitting in a Bambach relieves and prevents back pain

Your back will experience less stress so back pain is reduced, or avoided in the first place.

Internal organs aren’t compressed when sitting in a Bambach

There is relief from the accustomed compression of lungs and abdomen. Your lungs and abdominal organs will have a new sensation of plenty of space to function. Improved breathing and relief from indigestion are common improvements described by customers.

The Bambach naturally promotes good posture

Good posture reduces neck problems. You may have noticed people with back and/or neck pain often stand up to get relief. On the Bambach Saddle Seat our body is in the same position as when standing so that stress (pain) is avoided in the first place, and is relieved if it already exists.

The Bambach helps you work more efficiently

When sitting on The Bambach, the pelvis is upright in its neutral position so the spine, neck, head and shoulder girdle are also in the optimum position to perform maximally. This is important for performing fine hand work which requires accuracy and/or power. Customers report that at the end of their working day, they have less stress and fatigue and so have more energy for leisure and home activities.

The Bambach promotes good blood circulation

Improvement in the condition of varicose veins has been reported. It is very difficult to cross your legs in the Bambach Saddle Seat so blood and lymph circulation to the legs is assured. Also feet and legs are active in supporting their own weight through the feet assisting the return of fluid to the upper body by small but constant movement.

The Bambach reduces the chance of getting hip problems in old age

As we grow older, hip joints will be in better shape, reducing the chances of hip problems. This is because the top of the femur (the large bone above our knee) rotates into its hip joint so that it is in much closer contact with the hip socket than in normal life.


“The Saddle Seat has the additional advantage of forcing the legs of a person into an adducted (knees open) position which has a positive effect on the stress exerted on the hip joints. Orthopaedic examinations show that most hip disease occurs in connection with an impaired adduction. Almost all conventional chairs support an adducted (knees closed) position of the legs which is associated with a retraction of the abductors and an extension of the abductors. This chain effects are turned around here and therefore has preventive value.” 

Prof. Dr re. Med G Schumpe, Medical Practitioner, Orthopaedic Hospital, BONN Germany.