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How the Bambach will help your lower back pain

Taking steps to relieve lower back pain

Lower back pain can make life a misery. But what most people don’t realise, is that partial or total relief from back pain is a simple matter of changing the way they sit. That’s because the way most of us sit is very bad for the body, especially if we sit for long periods!

Why flat seats cause backache

The reason that ordinary ‘flat’ seats are bad for your body is very well documented. You can read an explanation of this, together with the medical and scientific evidence here, but basically it’s to do with the shape of the spine. A conventional seat forces your body away from its natural ‘S’ shape and into an unnatural ‘C’ shape – a shape that causes a wide range of problems, including lower back pain. 

8 reasons why the Bambach Saddle Seat can help lower back pain

When you sit on a Bambach Saddle Seat, your spine stays in a healthy ‘S’ shape at all times. This will benefit your body in many ways, including the reduction, or elimination, of lower back ache. The Bambach achieves this because:

1: The Bambach maintains a healthy spine shape

With a conventional seat, the pelvis and hips are at 90 degrees to each other, and the pelvis tends to rock back and forth. It’s your pelvis that supports your spine, so as soon as you sit on a conventional seat, your spine is no longer supported. When you sit on a Bambach, your hips are at an angle of 45 degrees, allowing your pelvis to stay in its natural position, helping the spine to stay in its neutral upright 'S' shape. This reduces the risk of the development of posture-related lower back pain.

2: The Bambach minimises muscle fatigue

On an ordinary flat seat, the supporting base (the ischial tuberosities) is behind the upper body, encouraging a slumped 'C' shaped spinal posture. When sitting on the Saddle Seat, however, the body’s centre of gravity is directly over the supporting base, just as in standing. The result is that muscle fatigue due to bad posture is minimised.

3: The Bambach reduces pressure on your discs

Sitting on a Bambach reduces inter-vertebral disc pressure, which minimises degeneration and reduces the risk of herniation. Pain from trauma to the lumbar spine is also minimised.

4: The Bambach reduces nerve root compression

Sitting on a Bambach ensures a healthy upright spinal posture, reducing the risk of nerve root compression or pinching.

5: The Bambach reduces the risk of spinal deformity

A healthy ‘S’ shape of the spine helps to activate the muscles that provide postural control, allowing the development of a symmetrical posture, thus reducing the risk of spinal deformity and further musculoskeletal problems.

6: The Bambach makes motor activity easier

By making sitting and other motor activities easier, the Bambach can increase seated work from zero to normal for an individual suffering from lower back pain.

7: The Bambach improves blood circulation

The Bambach improves lung and internal organ function and circulation by maximising the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic spaces.

8: The Bambach makes it difficult to slouch

Sitting on a Bambach encourages a correct (healthy) posture; sitting on a flat seat encourages postural collapse.

Take steps to relieve and prevent lower back pain. Phone 020 8532 5100 or email and ask for a 30 day trial of the Bambach Saddle Seat, at home, or at work.