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Additional Information on Using or Adjusting a Bambach

We have included additional infromation on the Bambach which may be helpful in practice.
   1. Finding the Serial Number
   2. Product Specification


Finding the Serial Number

All our saddles have a unique 5-digit serial number which helps us to indentify its specification and when it was sold. 

If you contact us for advice on your seat we are likely to ask for the number which can be found below the seat, as shown in the following pictures (ie 80774).


Product Specification

A standard Bambach Saddle Seat weighs 11.5kg. The version with a backrest will weigh 15kg.

Saddle Size - the size of a Bambach will depend on the model:
Standard Saddle: Maximum width - 38cm | Front (pommel) to Back - 42cm
Cutaway Saddle: Maximum width - 38cm | Front (pommel) to Back - 39cm
Small Saddle: Maximum width - 33cm | Front (pommel) to Back - 39cm
Large Saddle: Maximum width - 41cm | Front (pommel) to Back - 45cm

Height of Seat - will depend on the stem size:
Height with Standard Stem: Lowest 60cm - Highest 77cm
Height with Short Stem: Lowest 51cm - Highest 63cm
Height with Long Stem: Lowest 66cm - Highest 91cm