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The Bambach is the only seat scientifically proven to help you sit comfortably, naturally, upright and stable, relieving and preventing posture related problems including lower back pain and Sciatica!

If you do a lot of sitting (and most of us do) you probably won’t believe how much the simple act of sitting is damaging your body. But it is. And there’s a lot of science to prove it. That’s why so many people suffer from back pain, headaches, or problems with their neck, arms, hands or shoulders. You may very well be one of them. If you are, then here’s something else you might find hard to believe: the solution is surprisingly simple. That’s because the solution is a seat. More specifically, it’s the Bambach Saddle Seat.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is good for the spine. Very good. In fact, it’s the only seat scientifically proven to reduce and prevent back pain and other posture related problems. Whether you already suffer with these problems, or you want to avoid doing so in the future, you should seriously consider using a Bambach. On this site, we look at what you’ll get from using one of our seats – and why.

What’s wrong with the seat you use now?

The short answer is ‘a lot’. That’s because conventional seats force the spine out of its natural, healthy ‘S’ shape, into an unnatural and extremely unhealthy ‘C’ shape. This doesn’t merely result in musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain, but tends to crush the internal organs, producing a wide range of other problems and even increased cholesterol levels. For a full description of the medical problems that result from sitting on a conventional or flat seat, read our section: why conventional seats are bad for you.

How does the Bambach Saddle Seat help you sit more healthily?

Basically, the Bambach supports your pelvis in the same position it’s in when you are standing. This ensures that when you sit, your spine is in a natural ‘S’ shape, so you sit easily and effortlessly upright. The result is a dramatic reduction in the likelihood of suffering from back pain, muscular pains, or any posture related problems. To see what lies at the root of the Bambach’s amazing therapeutic effect, read our short Bambach story.

What are the benefits of using a Bambach?

The instant you begin using a Bambach, you’ll feel a positive difference. And after a while, you’ll wonder why you ever felt comfortable on your old seat. Users of our ergonomic seating solutions have reported a massive range of benefits, from simple back pain relief to being a life-changing experience. For a full list of the benefits of using the Bambach, read the section: The benefits of sitting on a Bambach.

Are the benefits medically proven?

Yes. There is a massive amount of evidence, from research carried out across the world, that most conventional seats cause posture related problems. And the Bambach has been scientifically proven to help reduce or avoid these problems. If you’d like to see proof, watch our brief video: The science behind the Bambach and visit our pages containing research papers.

Can you demonstrate that the bambach really works?

Certainly. It takes just a few seconds to see for yourself that the Bambach really works. Why not ask for your free trial and try our simple test? Click here to watch the video.

Who can benefit from using a Bambach Saddle Seat?

Anyone who does a lot of sitting, really. And that’s almost everyone. In fact, statistics show that we sit, on average, for nearly 9 hours a day! So it’s no wonder that 80% of adults suffer back pain at some stage in their life. However, some groups of people are at more risk than others of suffering posture-related problems, so we’ve developed Bambachs to meet their specific needs. There is a Bambach for dentists and their team, a Bambach for children with additional needs, and a Bambach for back pain, rehabilitation, or adult additional needs. There’s also a Bambach for hospitals, industry, office and home.

Can the Bambach be customised to my needs?

Absolutely! Our seats offer a wide range of options and extras. Why not see what options are available and even customise your seat online.

Can I try it before I buy it? Yes. We offer a money-back Trial of our support seats, so you can see for yourself how much you can benefit. Call 020 8532 5100 and ask for details.

You can minimise your risk of developing a slipped disc or back injury that could lead to sciatica by adopting a better posture - NHS UK