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Fitting an armrest

Fitting an arm rest is a really straight forward and simple process. By doing this yourself you are able to find the optimal height and positioning of the rest in relation to your normal sitting position so that you are fully supported and in complete comfort.

1. Remove Saddle Seat and Cradle from Gas Lift.

To do this turn the seat upside down and ensure that it is steady.

Place the detachment tool in line with the stem, resting on the cradle (figures 1 and 2).
(The detachment tool allows you to remove the saddle without damaging the seat).

Firmly strike the metal end of the detachment tool with a hammer until the saddle disconnects from the stem (figures 3 & 4). If your seat is quite old the saddle will be firmly attached to the stem and so may require a number of strikes.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

2. Fixing the spacer to the gas lift.

Place the spacer on the gas lift ensuring that the spacer at least 5” from the top of the stem (figure 5) and fix using an Allen key.

Also ensure that the spacer is no lower than 2” from the bottom of the stem (figure 6) in order to achieve movement of the gas lift itself. How far down the gas lift you fix the spacer directly relates to the amount of adjustability you will be able to achieve with the seat height.

The best way to determine the most suitable height for the spacer is to adjust the seat to the height that you would ordinarily sit at and then set the height of the spacer according to what provides the most comfortable and supportive height. The height of the arm rest is also adjustable via the knob on the side of the arm.

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

3. Place the armrest bracket on to the stem.

Insert the armrest bracket onto the stem and lower it onto the spacer. (figures 7 & 8)

4. Fix the armrest in to the bracket

Now fix the armrest into the bracket and adjust to the required height using the height adjuster (B).

Figure 7

Figure 8

5. Re-fit the saddle seat to the stem.

Now re-fit the saddle seat to the stem.

6. Adjust the arm position.

You can now adjust the arm rest using the ratchet arm (A) to achieve the most comfortable position and angle.

If you have difficulties fitting your arm rest, please call us on 020 8532 5100.