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Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

Safe use of a Bambach Saddle Seat
• I can confirm that I understand how to use the seat, either by a personal demonstration or by watching the following video: “The Science behind the Bambach” - which can be found at
• Bambach UK cannot be held responsible for accident or injury resulting from improper use or lack of care during transfer on, or off, the seat.

• You will be asked to send photographic evidence of the problem.
• You will be sent a collection box. Please pack the product securely and safely for return.
• We will contact you to arrange collection. Please ensure that the seat is ready and available for pick up.
• Delivery and collection of the saddle seat are FREE, however a £20 charge may payable if reasonable efforts are not made to make the seat available for collection.

Returns Policy
Following the delivery of products from Bambach UK they can be returned subject to the following conditions:
• A request for return is made within 30-days of delivery.
• No evidence of wear and tear.
• A handling fee of 20% of the purchase price will be charged.

15th February 2019