Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Tina Turner

Sandwell Disctrict Hospital

Before using a Bambach

Tina is required to draw venous blood from patients to be analyzed and submitted for various tests. Her role requires her to see a large number of patients a day which means she spends the majority of her working day in a sitting position. The nature of her work also means that she is continually leaning forward risking placing her spine in inappropriate postures.

“I had previously suffered with cervical spine problems which meant that I had difficulty using the standard seats that were provided in the department. I found that using these seats all day inevitably lead to neck and also lower back pain due to my poor sitting posture”.

After using a Bambach

“I have now been using the Bambach for just over 12 months and find using it completely natural. I find it a lot more comfortable and a lot more practical to use than other seats in my department as it is lighter and generally more manoeuvrable. Since using the Bambach I find that I am now able to sit upright in a much better sitting posture and I no longer suffer with neck, shoulder and lower back pain”.