Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Samantha Everett

Rosie Maternity Hospital

Before using a Bambach

“Greeting patients and putting them at their ease. Scanning and discussing the ultrasound on the screen; this involves a great deal of sitting and also twisting and turning whilst manipulating the probe, following up with written reports. I suffered muscle tension in the shoulder of my scanning arm and pain in my neck and shoulders. I was referred to Occupational Health who recommended an ergonomic review”.

After using a Bambach

“I attended BMUS whilst employed at my previous hospital where they had Bambach’s, but which were not helping me. After speaking to a Bambach representative who explained how to set the chairs up properly, I realised that I needed to adjust the Bambach I was using, which I did and found that once it was set up properly it helped. I still have problems, but when I have been regularly using the Bambach, these are considerably lessened. I have found that when I am not able to use a Bambach for whatever reason I suffer more.

My physio recommended I should try it with a back to help my kyphosis but I have found that once the Bambach was correctly set up for me that this was not necessary”.