Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health


11 years old
Hannah suffered from TB induced meningitis

Seat specification:

  • Standard Bambach
  • Backrest
  • Fixed footplate
  • Lap belt

Hannah suffered from TB induced meningitis at the age of one, as a result of which she had a stroke. This has left her with severe weakness down her right hand side.

Her right arm is particularly affected which means that Hannah has very little functional use of her right hand

Hannah is able to walk independently, however weakness in her right leg means that she needs a stick for walking distances.

Hannah is unable to stand for long periods and when standing has to use her left hand to hold on to her stick or a solid surface which means she has no useful hand to carry out tasks.

Before using a Bambach

Hannah has difficulty in maintaining a healthy sitting posture conventional seating. Decreased pelvic control results in Hannah’s pelvis rotating backwards into a posterior tilt position. This causes Hannah to slouch, often over to her weaker side which places unnecessary strain on her spine and also compromises her ability to use her stronger left arm/hand.

Hannah’s Physiotherapist highlighted the need for a functional task seat that would encourage an active sitting position and also encourage active use of her weaker right leg.

By fitting a fixed footplate on the left side of the star base, the therapist aimed to encourage increased use of Hannah’s weaker right leg for movement.

Since using her Bambach

Hannah has since been using her Bambach for over two years. In the Bambach, Hannah’s pelvis is maintained and supported in its neutral position which allows Hannah to actively maintain an upright and symmetrical sitting posture. This has improved her core stability and her postural control.

This improved posture allows Hannah to sit upright and unsupported meaning she does not need to use her stronger hand for balance and support. This enables her to carry out many tasks which she would otherwise be unable to do.

She uses it for doing homework, for cooking, washing up activities in the kitchen and also table top activities such as painting, drawing etc. She also uses it as an exercise tool, as propelling herself with her weaker right leg helps improve leg strength which assists her general mobility.