Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Wai Yoong

Surgeon - OBS + GYNAE
North Middlesex Hospital

Before using a Bambach

Wai has various duties, including delivering babies and seeing patients in clinic and surgery, and he spends a lot of time seated. Wai continued to have spinal problems with his back following surgery, until he tried a colleagues Bambach.

“I had a back problem and I was assessed by The Occupational Health department who suggested I needed a new seat. I had already tried a Bambach which I borrowed from the Ultrasound Department, and as I found this very comfortable, I decided to take advantage of Bambach’s 30 day free trial”.

After using a Bambach

He now sits for long periods of time on the Bambach in a confined working area and his spinal position has improved and his pain has lessened, due to being able to lean forward whilst keeping good spinal position, instead of the bending as he used to do with a conventional seat.

“The Bambach Saddle Seat has helped considerably, and now I find I can work for longer periods in comfort and my back problems have diminished. When I got my own trial seat, I let ultrasound have their one back”!