Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health


7 years old
Right sided hemiplegia

Seat specification:

  • Standard Bambach
  • Backrest
  • Height locking bracket
  • Lap belt


Bad posture on conventional seating

Good posture on the Bambach

Brooke was diagnosed with right sided hemiplegia when she was two years old. She is very independent and copes really well with day-to-day activities. She mobilises independently for short distances but can have difficulty walking long distances and sitting for long periods at a time.

Before using a Bambach

On conventional seating, Brooke had a tendency to slump to her right and neglect her right arm. She would also complain of hip pain after sitting for long periods. Brooke required a school chair that would encourage increased postural control and use of the affected side of her body. For this reason her physiotherapist recommended the Bambach Saddle Seat.

Since using her Bambach

Brooke has now been using her Bambach at school for three years. After slowly increasing the length of time using the seat, Brooke is now able to use her Bambach all day, every day!

By providing a stable and symmetrical pelvic and trunk position, the Bambach has improved Brooke’s sitting posture meaning that she is now able to actively achieve and maintain a healthy upright sitting position and no longer slumps at her desk.

This improved sitting posture has facilitated Brooke’s upper limb function encouraging more active use of her right arm.

The Bambach ensures Brooke has equal weight bearing through both legs and ensures that the leg muscles are maintained in a lengthened position, preventing further complications and improving joint range of movement. Using a Bambach, Brooke no longer experiences hip pain and her parents and therapists have observed a marked improvement in her walking.