Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Carolyn Johnson

Age 33
Severe spasm and pain of neck muscles resulting from compression fracture of C6

Carolyn in her Bambach Saddle Seat. Postural stress is relieved. Her pelvis is now stable in a neutral position, her shoulder girdle relaxed. Her head and neck are in a neutral position, her thighs each side of the trunk taking some weight. She has an easy view of her screen.

Before using a Bambach

Carolyn has experienced severe pain and spasm of the neck muscles, often accompanied by a burning sensation and ‘grinding pain’ in the neck region. These symptoms are worse when sitting at her computer. Carolyn has suffered a compression fracture of C6. This damage is a cumulative result of riding, training, showing and managing horses. Carolyn has been working with horses for the past 18 years. Now an independent professional horse trainer (five years) she also has a burden of office work, producing her accounts records by herself sitting at computer for up to five hours at the end of a work day. Carolyn’s horsetraining enterprise sees her at work at 6.00 am, and she may not finish till 8.00 pm.

Her constant pain causes depression and adds stress to all aspects of her life. Chiropractic treatment brought great relief of symptoms and allowed Carolyn to continue to work as a horse trainer. However, she continued to suffer pain and muscle spasm of the neck and shoulders when working at her computer on her conventional, office-style seat.

After using a Bambach

Carolyn was ‘willing to try anything to get relief from the constant pain’. She was introduced to the Bambach Saddle Seat and was instructed on how the Saddle Seat changes seated position from one that produces postural stress to one that allows natural spinal alignment. She was shown how to adjust the seat for pelvic tilt and seat height. This involves assessing the height of the work surface, the angle and position of the keyboard and the monitor to determine the ideal height of the seat for best posture.

Carolyn reports that, when sitting on the Bambach Saddle Seat, her neck muscles do not go into spasm. 

“This allows my neck vertebrae to stay in place, allows me to sit properly at the computer when I have to work for hours, without my neck muscles going into spasm and with no burning feeling or pain. The Bambach Saddle Seat allows me to sit properly when I have to work at my computer”