Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Caroline Enever

Senior Radiographer
Breast Services, St Lukes Hospital, Bradford

Before using a Bambach

“My job involves taking mammograms in mobile units, assisting with interventional breast procedures, working in assessment clinics and reading screening mammograms. All these activities involve repetitive bending positions for long periods of time. I am also the departmental key trainer for moving and handling.

I found out about the Bambach seats when doing my annual update for key trainer in moving and handling. I was shown one of the seats and shown how to use it”.

After using a Bambach

“I found it very comfortable and arranged to borrow it for a week in the department so colleagues could try it out. I realized that the Bambach greatly reduced bending and twisting when positioning women for a mammogram taking a lot of strain off the back and knees. Since then we have 5 Bambach’s in the department which are used for a variety of activities. We also have one on each mobile unit which greatly reduces the prolonged repetitive bending. I would recommend it to others as it encourages good posture and definitely reduces the strain on my back. When I am doing my annual moving and handling updates for staff I now ensure all staff are using it correctly”.