Sit the Bambach Way
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17 years old
Cerebral palsy, spinal scoliosis and autism

Seat specification:

  • Bambach Executive

Laurel suffers with cerebral palsy, has a spinal scoliosis and is also autistic. She is currently at college studying ‘Skills for life’ and also spends one day a week on a work placement.

Laurel can walk independently for short distances but mobilizes with a flexed gait due to tightness in her hip flexors. She relies on her wheelchair for mobility in situations which would need her to walk longer distances.

Laurel’s spinal deformity means that she often suffers with considerable back pain and finds standing for long periods particularly painful.

Before using a Bambach

Laurel had tried other specialist seating but had found them difficult to tolerate due to her decreased sitting balance and back pain.

Her Occupational Therapist recommended the Bambach as she was aware that Laurel had been horse-riding for several years which had been very successful in improving balance, coordination and core stability.

The aim of using a Bambach was to improve sitting balance and allow a more symmetrical sitting posture with the hope of addressing her scoliosis and reducing back pain.

Since using her Bambach

Laurel has now been using her Bambach at home for over two years. She mainly uses it at the computer which she uses for her studies and leisure activities.

With the pelvis and trunk supported on the Bambach, Laurel is able to maintain a healthy, upright sitting posture when working at the computer. This is crucial in ensuring that her spinal deformity does not progress which could possibly result in surgical intervention.

The sitting position on the Bambach also places the hips flexor muscles in a lengthened position compared with conventional seating which will hopefully help maintain muscle length which will assist Laurel’s mobility.

Laurel uses an executive saddle as it gave her a wider base of support and she found it the most comfortable of the Bambach range.

Since using the Bambach, Laurel’s family have also seen a marked improvement in terms of her back pain.