Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Annette Donnelly

Sister, Renal Unit
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Before using a Bambach

“My daily duties involve the day to day running of a very busy Renal Unit. This includes dealing with patients including needling and the running of lines as well as the everyday management of issues within the department. I was having some musculoskeletal issues and asked my manager to look into alternative seating solutions.

Previous to trying the Bambach, I had been suffering with both knee and back pain and had also needed bilateral ulnar nerve surgery which meant that I was also getting elbow problems in work. This was particularly the case when spending longer periods sitting with patients who were at risk of bleeding and bending to treat patients with leg grafts”.

After using a Bambach

“My Manager approached the Manual Handling Department within the trust who recommended that we trial a Bambach Saddle Seat for a month. Since using the Bambach I no longer have any back or joint problems, which is great! I have now been using the Bambach for about six years and I feel that it makes everything so much easier. When my back is playing up I know that sitting on the Bambach will help to realign me”!