Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Rhonda Bates

Age 35
Shoulder and neck pain and breathing difficulty

Rhonda at clerical work using a conventional office seat. Her pelvis is tilted back and her spinal curves lost; her head and neck are distorted from the neutral position. This is a position of postural stress resulting in neck and shoulder pain.

Before using a Bambach

Pain developed in Rhonda’s shoulder and neck, and she had breathing difficulty when she sat. Symptoms were made worse by the sort of fine work that was required by her job, which is carried out in a standing position or seated on a conventional work stool.

Overuse injury was diagnosed by her doctor using X-Ray; it showed a protruding disc at C5. Intensive physiotherapy was undertaken for three weeks but return to work was still too painful and Rhonda was unable to continue. By now her whole life, as well as work, was affected. Driving was difficult and walking and swimming were very uncomfortable. Further physiotherapy included stretches, which began to offer relief. Return to work was gradual and in accordance with a rehabilitation plan.

After using a Bambach

Rhonda consulted the company physiotherapist about her future. She was determined to continue her work and wanted to get back to all of her accustomed activities. She saw the most important part of this as maintaining correct posture when sitting. The physiotherapist recommended the Bambach Saddle Seat as the best way of maintaining a correct posture for work.

At first Rhonda found the Bambach Saddle Seat so different that she spent some time getting used to it. The adjustability of the seat was critical in her finally getting comfortable. The tilt, height and back adjustments were all re-adjusted time and again as she found her correct position. The seat has been successful in preventing a recurrence of her symptoms. While attending lectures to obtain her occupational health and safety diploma, Rhonda had to sit in classroom seats, and the symptoms returned. She then said she realised that the Bambach Saddle Seat had given her an understanding of correct posture, and she said that she now evaluates all seating, and her own posture, in comparison with the Bambach Saddle Seat, which is her benchmark, to avoid a return of the symptoms that affect her life so seriously.