Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Becky Walker

Senior Biomedical Scientist
City Hospital, Birmingham

Before using a Bambach

“My current position involves performing a range of microbiological and molecular techniques and associated computing tasks. All of these may require me to sit at one workstation for prolonged periods of time.

Returning to work after 11 months of sick leave with severe back pain resulting in surgery to fuse vertebrae and decompress the sciatic nerve, I was unable to sit on normal laboratory seating for any length of time and needed to find an alternative. I applied for a 30 day trial of the Bambach as recommended by the physiotherapist and have not looked back since”.

After using a Bambach

“Having a saddle seat has enabled me to return to work and perform my duties without further back problems. Although surgery has helped to address my back problems, I still have to be careful not to put unnecessary strain on my back. Having a Bambach has meant that I can sit comfortably for often prolonged periods of time which I would not be able to do in a conventional seat. I would always recommend the Bambach to others with back problems”.