Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health

Robert Lamacchia

Age 26
Posture related neck pain, back pain, and headaches

Robert in his conventional, flat musician’s seat. His pelvis is rotating backwards, flattening his lumbar curve; his abdominals are inactive, and he has poor head, neck and shoulder posture. He has to lean forward from the waist. His work requires quite a lot of rotation across a fixed pelvis, which causes pain and stress.

Before using a Bambach

Robert suffers from poor posture due to standing at work. He is a tall man and the standard work bench is too low for good working posture. He was suffering severe neck and back pain. At home, he sits at a keyboard playing and composing music, and he realised that this was aggravating his symptoms. When he started to suffer continuous headaches and was having problems at work due to these symptoms, Robert suspected that his posture was the cause and that his seating was contributing to the problem.

After using a Bambach

After trying the Bambach Saddle Seat in a showroom, he took one on trial. A Saddle Seat consultant visited his home to advise him on his position at the keyboard. The keyboard had to be heightened, as did the monitor.

Robert said that, as soon as he sat down on the Bambach Saddle Seat, he felt comfortable with no pain. His pain now only comes from the kitchen work. The result for Robert is that he feels more creative and is more productive. His headaches are gone and he reports that he enjoys his music more. Robert says 

“The Saddle Seat has given me a better lifestyle and posture. It has saved my back I was having regular massage, but now I only go sometimes. I realised that at my age if I did not do something soon I would have a severe problem later”.