Sit the Bambach Way
and improve your health


4 years old
Cerebral Palsy with a right sided hemiplegia. Maisie also has epilepsy

Seat specification:

  • Bambach Bambino
  • Adjustable height footplate
  • Backrest
  • Lap belt

Bad posture on conventional seating

Good posture on the Bambach

Maisie’s condition has lead to a significant weakness on the right side of her body. Her right leg and foot are very weak which limits Maisie’s mobility and there is also a significant weakness of her right arm and hand although to a lesser degree than the lower limb.

Maisie has increased muscle tone in her right leg with particularly tight hip adductors and hamstrings. Without regular stretching and lengthening this will progressively worsen, affecting mobility and function.

Before using a Bambach

Maisie had difficulty in maintaining a healthy posture on conventional seating. The lack of pelvic support inevitably leads to Maisie falling into a passive slouched posture, often over to her weaker right side.

This slumped posture meant that she had difficulty with eating and also schoolwork and arts and crafts.

Maisie’s Physiotherapist wanted to provide Maisie with a seat that not only facilitated good sitting posture, but also enabled her to access higher work surfaces which would allow her to participate in family dining table activities.

Since using her Bambach

Maisie has now been using her Bambach seat for approximately two years. The adjustable height footplate means that Maisie can sit with her feet flat on a solid surface, ensuring good sitting posture at the dining table.

Maisie uses her Bambach during mealtimes and also for creative activities such as painting and drawing which she very much enjoys. The stable, symmetrical pelvic position achieved with the Bambach means that Maisie’s trunk is supported and she can actively maintain an upright, healthy spinal posture.

Equal weight through both legs with the joints maintained in a mid-range position helps address the abnormal muscle tone and maintain muscle length and joint range of motion.

Continued use of the Bambach will also reduce the risk of future issues synonymous with poor posture such as scoliosis.

Improved spinal posture has also facilitated Maisie’s upper limb function as she no longer needs to support herself on her right side. This ensures that both hands are free for activities, which has helped in significantly improving her handwriting skills.