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Take advantage of our free, no obligation, assessment, demonstration and 14 day trial.

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If you're interested in aquiring a new Bambach Saddle Seat, we will organise an assesment of the child by one of our product specialists, either in their home or school environment and work out the individual needs of the child to ensure they are provided with the ideal Bambach saddle seat. This also provides the opportunity to discuss any further requirements with parents, health professionals or teachers.

The 14 day free trial will then demonstrate the benefits of the seat both for function and as a therapeutic aid, and allow the child to become used to the Bambach.



How the free trial works

  1. Following an assessment request from a Parent or Healthcare professional, Bambach will make contact to arrange a suitable appointment for the assessment.

    Triage & Assessment Form
  2. Our representative will visit the user with the healthcare professional(s) concerned and
    1. Decide which Bambach chair is most suitable for the user
    2. Check the suitability of the equipment for the user in the environment in which the trial will be taking place
    3. The healthcare professionals, along with an appropriate representative of the child (Parent, Teacher, Senco, TA, LSA), will decide on the most suitable method for the user to get on and off the seat.
    4. The user will be closely monitored for a short period of time until the healthcare professionals are satisfied of the potential suitability of the seat.
    5. If your decide to proceed, our team will discuss the practical arrangements with you.
    6. Please note: The user must never use the seat unsupervised. The safety lap belt (If fitted) must always be used.

Terms and Conditions

Following either a customer request or an evaluation visit by a representative, a FREE 14-day trial may be offered.

• The agreed specification of the trial seat should be confirmed by the return of this form.
• We will then aim to dispatch the trial chair in 10-15 working days, if possible.
• The 14-day trial period will start at the time of receipt.
• In the unlikely event that the seat arrives damaged, please notify us immediately.
• If the seat is delivered in a box, this should be kept safe for return of the product after the trial period (Note: there will be a £20 charge for a replacement box).
• Towards the end of the trial an e-mail will be sent out advising of the date and details of the collection.
• Delivery and collection are FREE, however a £20 charge may payable if reasonable efforts are not made to make the seat available for collection.
• We are unable to provide a choice of colours for trial chairs.
• If the seat is returned with evidence of new damage Bambach UK may charge £100 to cover costs.
• Bambach UK cannot be held responsible for accident or injury resulting from improper use or lack of care during transfer on or off the seat.
• Understanding how to use the seat: you should either have a personal demonstration or watch the following video: “The Science behind the Bambach” (which can be found at If any aspect of the use of the seat remains unclear, please contact us.