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A representative will then visit the child at either their home or school environment and assess the individual needs of the child to ensure they are provided with the ideal Bambach saddle seat. This also provides the opportunity to discuss any further requirements with parents, health professionals or teachers.

The 30 day free trial will then demonstrate the benefits of the seat both for function and as a therapeutic aid, and allow the child to become used to the Bambach.


How the free trial works

  1. Following an assessment request from a Parent or Healthcare professional, Bambach will make contact to arrange a suitable appointment for the assessment.

  2. Our representative will visit the user with the healthcare professional(s) concerned and
    1. Decide which Bambach chair is most suitable for the user
    2. Check the suitability of the equipment for the user in the environment in which the trial will be taking place
    3. The healthcare professionals, along with an appropriate representative of the child (Parent, Teacher, Senco, TA, LSA), will decide on the most suitable method for the user to get on and off the seat.
    4. The user will be closely monitored for a short period of time until the healthcare professionals are satisfied of the potential suitability of the seat.
  3. If suitable, the specification will be sent to the Bambach office for a trial seat to be processed and despatched for a trial period of 14 days (Dates to be agreed at the meeting). This is for a proper period of assessment, by the healthcare professionals concerned.

    During the trial period we ask that all involved carefully monitor the user’s progress with the seat and record their findings on the evaluation form.

    Please note: The user must never use the seat unsupervised. The safety lap belt (If fitted) must always be used.

  4. Once the seat has been received, the user needs to contact the healthcare professional to arrange set up. DON’T NOT LOOSE THE BOX.

  5. Towards the end of the trial, a letter will be sent out advising the date and details of the collection by Courier. On receipt of this letter, please contact the office if either:
    1. If the trial was not successful, please pack the seat in the box and have it ready for collection on the date stipulated
    2. If the trial is successful and funding is applied for. The equipment can, in certain circumstances, be left in place, but the office needs to be advised of the funding body
    Please note: Our representative is contactable throughout the trial period.
    Liability insurance to cover this trial as stipulated by the NHS is in place. Certificate number MIA 332

Free trial evaluation form

It is important to document the childs postural and behavior changes and improvements on a daily basis, so we supply a simple 14 day trial evaluation form. It takes seconds to complete each day and is downloadable here.

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