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Our New ARMON Arm Supports
13 August 2019

Our New ARMON Arm Supports

 The Zero Gravity Solution

At Bamach we’re constantly searching for exciting and innovative new products from around the world to make sure that you have the best options. Therefore, we’re delighted to be able to add the Armon zero gravity dynamic armrest to our range, a product which has the potential to really improve peoples live.

Working in the field of assistive technology, in collaboration with Delft University of Technology, the Dutch company, ‘Armon Products’ have developed a range of zero gravity dynamic arm supports. These armrests, which may be mechanical or electrically driven according to the needs of the user, have a unique mechanism that compensates for the weight of the user’s arm, making it feel weightless.

The arm support does not take over any function - the user makes the movements themselves, but with gravity eliminated. However, unlike a normal armrest, the Armon will dynamically ‘follow’ the position of the arm through space, providing full support in any position. This can enhance arm function in two situations:

Professional Users - promoting comfort for prolonged activity in the workplace

Many people work with their arms outstretched and after a while this can produce discomfort. Even a relatively mild medical condition, such as a rotator cuff injury, is likely to make the discomfort much worse. In extreme cases the sufferer may have to give up their profession altogether, however the Armon dynamic armrest may offer a solution which allows the user to continue working. You can talk to us directly or ask your Occupational Health Department for their assistance.

Life Enablement – restoring significantly compromised arm function

Where there has been a profound loss of arm function - often caused by neurological problems such as a spinal cord injury or stroke - the dynamic arm may enhance residual movement, restoring, for instance, the ability to eat, drink, or use a computer independently.  In addition, the Armon has a potential role in the short-term training and rehabilitation of patients.

We happy to carry out an initial assessment and then, if appropriate, to help with the setup (working with healthcare professionals such as OTs and physiotherapists, where appropriate).

Visit our Armon webpage for more information or call us to learn more and to arrange an assessment.