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Fortuna.Bambach Dental Supplies
21 May 2020

Fortuna.Bambach Dental Supplies

Bambach UK is part of Fortuna Group, a leading UK supplier of sundry products to the pharmacy sector, which as experience with PPE products such as face masks, thermometers and gloves. Our Product Development Team has worked hard to add to the range with face shields, hand sanitisers, gowns and disposable aprons already available and more expected.

Fortunately, the country appears to have passed the peak of the epidemic and there will be a gradual return to normal. The need for dental treatment will re-assert itself, however the recovery is likely to be slowed by anxieties around contagion in the confined dental environment.

Dental surgeries will have to follow guidance on social distancing as far as possible and make use of all available equipment options to prevent the spread of the virus. A significant practical effect is a greater need for PPE: masks will comply with appropriate regulatory standards (Learn more: Face Masks and Respirators Explained) while there will be a need for greater use of disposable visors, aprons and gowns etc. In addition, the experience of other countries, that are further ‘along the curve’ than the UK, suggests that the identification of people who may be infected: in many countries taking people’s temperatures has become widespread. A quick, easy and unobtrusive method is the use of Contactless Infrared Thermometers (CIT) and this is likely to become far more common in future months. It will be important to reduce the viral load within an environment: at its simplest this involves regular cleaning with appropriate sanitisers and disinfectants. However, more sophisticated options exist including decontaminating floor mats and handles, as well as air purifiers – these are all likely to come into more widespread use in the coming months. Improved monitoring: the public’s expectation of how health problems are managed in dental surgeries is likely to change and we expect that pulse oximeters and BP monitors will become more prevalent.

In order to adapt to the present situation, we have created a new service: ‘Fortuna-Bambach Dental Supplies’ which will provide specialist products to help in maintain a safe and reassuring environment for dentists and patients alike.

As well as standard PPE equipment and sanitisers, we are introducing the innovative multi-layered ‘PolyMat’ which removes dirt and pathogens from shoes, while ‘air purifiers’ can help to eliminate airborne viruses. Finally, we have monitoring equipment such as Contactless Infrared Thermometers, Pulse Oximeters and Blood Pressure Monitors.

In parallel, we have launched a new online ordering facility on our website which will allow customers to buy products from Bambach-Fortuna Dental Supplies at any time.

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