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VAT Relief

Some items that we sell are available free from VAT (Value Added Tax). The product description will normally make clear whether this is the case, but if there you have any doubt or you would like to check its availability, please contact us on 020 8805 2020 or e-mail us at

To claim relief from VAT, please click on the following link below to download the application form. Please print out the form and send it back to us, after having completed Part II.

VAT exemption form


Who can claim Relief from VAT?
If you have a chronic medical condition or disability, you will be eligible to claim relief from VAT – if you’re unsure, we are happy to advise. There’s no need to register with HM Revenue and Customs, once we’ve received the completed form we’ll do the rest.

 Can I claim VAT Relief on behalf of someone else?
In some cases, if it is not possible for the user of the equipment to sign the form, we will accept the signature of another responsible person, such as a close relative, guardian or doctor.

When claiming on behalf of another, please state your name and contact telephone number alongside the name of person claiming the relief who has a disability or chronic medical condition.