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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face Shields

This premium quality face shield is ideal in a wide variety of work environments.
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Multipack: 10 Face Shields
Order code: 10-TPETEU
Price £39.50 ex VAT

Premium Blue Nitrile Gloves


Blue Nitrile Gloves. Available in 3 sizes

We have these high quality gloves in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.


Multipack: 1000 gloves 

1000 gloves (Multipack of 10 packs of 100 gloves). 

Price £149.50 ex VAT
Medium 10-BLN20M
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Large 10-BLN20L
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X-Large  10-BLN20XLT
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FFP3 Mask


FFP3 Mask with VALVE

(Pack of 10)

Pack: 10 masks
Order code: 10-FFP320
Price £77.50 ex VAT

Medical Face Mask (IIR) 


Disposable Type IIR Medical Face Mask.  Correct certification available on request.
100 Masks (Multipack of 10 sets of 10 masks)

Multipack: 100 Face Masks
Order code: 10-WEIIR10
Price £99.00 ex VAT

Safety Glasses


Reusable wrap around Safety Glasses.

Multipack: 10 Safety Glasses
Order code: 10-WHSGY
Price £55.00 ex VAT

Standard Aprons


Disposable Plastic Aprons
Standard White
(Pack of 500)

Multipack: 500 Aprons
Order code: 1-APR1
Price £59.00 ex VAT

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Multipack: 2000 Aprons
Order code: 4-APR1
Price £200.00 ex VAT

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Plastic Tabard Aprons


Disposable Plastic Aprons
(Premium 30µ)
Tabard-style with separate belt.
(Pack Of 200).

Multipack: 200 Aprons
Order code: 1-APR1BL
Price £33.50 ex VAT

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Multipack: 800 Aprons
Order code: 4-APR1BL
Price £130.00 ex VAT

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Disposable Gowns

Disposable Waterproof Fabric Gown with Knitted Cuffs.
Size - Medium
5 Gowns

Multipack: 5 Gowns
Order code: 5-GWN20TC
Price £45.00 ex VAT

Protective Suit

Single Protective Suit

Single Suit - Medium
Order code: 1-WEPROM
Price £25.00 ex VAT

Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers
1000 items
(10 Packs Of 100)

Multipack: 1000 Shoe Covers
Order code: 10-01277
Price £46.50 ex VAT