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Happylegs - Seated Walking Machine

Happylegs is a unique seated walking machine. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of walking from the comfort of your chair. Your legs move up and down while you remain seated, improving your circulation and stimulating your muscles. Choose a speed setting to suit you and use the remote control to exercise without excessive impact on your joints.

Key Features:

  • As little as 30 minutes can make all the difference!
  • Strengthens your legs effortlessly.
  • Eliminates swelling in legs and ankles.
  • Reinforces the cardiac function, even in people with pacemakers.
  • Improves restless legs syndrome and chronic fatigue.
  • Greater autonomy in users with cognitive disorders.
  • 2-year WARRANTY

Blue or Red are the standard models while the White version comes with a remote control. The new Silver model can be be set at a higher speed.

We also sell Remote Control Units so that you can upgrade your Happylegs Blue or Red. Spare Power Supply Units can be purchased should you need them and if the user's feet tend to slide off,  Happylegs Foot Straps are available.

The Happylegs range also includes a two products designed for the hands: 

  • Manos Sanos Finger Massager
  • Manos Sanos Stress Balls

Purchasing a Happylegs

Prices start at £239 exVAT with FREE DELIVERY. If you wish to BUY ONLINE, CLICK HERE to see the range.

Alternatively, if you wish to speak with one of our experienced staff members at Fortuna.Bambach either call 020 8532 5100 or e-mail us at

Jean’s Story, or how knitting healed her foot

Jean had fallen down some steps and broken a small bone in her foot. With time the pain settled and the bone healed so she was discharged from clinic. However, she was left with a persistent problem: when she walked any distance, her foot became swollen. She found this  troublesome because her shoe became tight and uncomfortable and she felt embarrassed when she was in public.

 Jean came to our showroom to see if we could offer any advice. After discussing her problem, we suggested she try using our Happylegs, ‘seated walking machine’ on a daily basis. At home she was able to use it while knitting and while working on her hobby of making craft greeting cards. With regular use she soon noticed the difference, the swelling stopped and soon she was able to wear her old shoes when she walked to church. Jean still uses her Happylegs and say she wouldn’t be without it.

Hilary talks about her Happylegs:




Happylegs- Silver


Power Supply Unit
Remote Control
Foot Straps
Finger Massager
Stress Balls